How to make a Door in Minecraft

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Image via Mojang

Building a house for yourself in Minecraft is essential to make sure that you can protect yourself at night and store valuable resources. After you have your walls set up, you definitely need a way to quickly get in and out without letting hostile mobs in. That is where a Door comes in handy. While you can find plenty of these at the nearest Village, making one for yourself will usually be much quicker. Here is how to craft Doors in Minecraft.

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How to craft a Door in Minecraft

To make a Door in Minecraft, you will need either six of any matching Wooden Planks or six Iron Ingots. When doing the crafting recipe, set the items so that two touching vertical columns are filled with the items. This will make three doors of that type for you to move to your inventory.

There is a noticeable difference between Wooden and Iron Doors. Wooden Doors are easily opened by you or Villagers interacting with the block, and they break down faster. However, they have an add-on effect of being susceptible to breaking from Zombies trying to get inside.

In contrast, Zombies can not break Iron Doors, but the only way to open them is through a Redstone connection or by using an item to activate it, like a Button, Lever, or Pressure Plate. The easiest way to set up your Iron Door is by placing a Pressure Plate in front of it, which will allow mobs to open the door and get inside. Wooden Doors can also be activated in this way if desired.

While Wooden and Iron Doors are the most direct way to make entrances into your building, you can also get a little creative, like making a secret door from a wall.