How to make a fence in Minecraft

Section off parts of your Minecraft world with the fence.


In Minecraft, a fence can be used to section off certain aspects of your seed, like in real life. Many people use the fence posts to keep their animal mobs in a certain area, block off people from walking over their planted gardens, and more. They differ from normal blocks that you use for walls in that you can see through them and cannot jump over them when standing on the same level as them. Here is how to make a fence in Minecraft.

In some cases, you can find fences in the world. They generate in mineshafts, library rooms of strongholds, shipwrecks, certain villages, and mansions. For creating your own fence, there are multiple options you have.

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Fence blocks can be created by using a multitude of matching planks and sticks. Oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, and dark oak wooden planks can all be used to make them. In addition, nether brick blocks can be substituted in place of wooden planks and the regular nether brick can be used instead of sticks to make a nether fence. Nether fences can also be found in nether fortresses.

Whichever method you choose to create, you will need four matching wooden planks/nether brick blocks and two sticks/nether bricks to craft them. In the ingredient grid, you will need to leave the top row of blocks empty. In the middle row, place a plank/block in the left column, a stick/brick in the middle, and a plank/block in the right. Repeat this for the bottom row and you can move the three fences it creates into your inventory.

When placed down, you can break down wooden fences with your hand and pick them up, but an axe will break it down faster. With the nether fence, you will need a pickaxe to break it down and pick it up. Using anything else will destroy the fence.