How To Make A Fermented Spider Eye In Minecraft

Here’s how to craft a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft so you can get to brewing Potions of Weakness.

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The wannabe witches and warlocks of Minecraft will need to make some Fermented Spider Eye, should they wish to brew potions that will weaken those foolish enough to drink them. The individual ingredients for Fermented Spider Eye can be annoying, but they’re worth tracking down for their importance in making magical ingredients.

On its own, Fermented Spider Eye is useless. You’ll need a Brewing Stand and some Blaze Powder, which will allow you to mix ingredients with water, turning them into potions. Fermented Spider Eye is a key ingredient for making a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft, allowing characters to vanish from sight. It can also be used to make a Potion of Weakness, a Potion of Harming, and a Potion of Slowness.

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Minecraft: How To Make Fermented Spider Eye

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To make a Fermented Spider Eye, you don’t require any special crafting tools (such as a Crafting Table), as it can be done from your inventory. You will then need to find three specific ingredients to construct a Fermented Spider Eye:

  • Brown Mushroom: These are found in dark places, usually in the shadow of trees or underground, and are pretty easy to find.
  • Spider Eye: The easiest way to acquire these is by killing Spiders or Wolf Spiders. Be careful, as Wolf Spiders can deal Venom damage.
  • Sugar: You need to find Sugar Cane on the overworld, as this can be crafted into Sugar. Sugar Cane can be planted in your base if you need a lot of it, as it’s also used to make Paper.

Once you have the three ingredients in place, simply go to the crafting menu in your inventory and use the Brown Mushroom, Spider Eye, and Sugar to make a Fermented Spider Eye. There’s a 1/1 ratio for making Fermented Spider Eye, so if you need more, you must acquire more ingredients.

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All of the ingredients for Fermented Spider Eye are fairly easy to find in Minecraft, as Brown Mushrooms and Sugar Cane are found everywhere, while Spiders will hassle you as soon as night falls or whenever you venture beneath the ground. As such, you shouldn’t have much trouble stocking up on witch’s brew in your world.