How to make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

Teach a Steve to fish, and he will feed himself for at least a few minutes.

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Fishing in Minecraft is a fast and easy way to get many resources. Toss your line into some water, and you can get a variety of items. There is a lot more in these waters besides just fish. From junk items like Leather Armor pieces to game-changing grabs like Enchantment Books, there are plenty of reasons to spend time fishing. Before you can go gathering that stuff, though, you will need a Fishing Rod. Here is how to make one.

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How to make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

Making a Fishing Rod in Minecraft is quite simple. All you will need is three Sticks and two pieces of String. Sticks will be one of the first items you obtain in each Minecraft world. Just knock out a tree block, and after you convert that block to Wooden Planks, you can make Sticks.

String, on the other hand, is gathered a couple of different ways. The fastest way to get it in an early game of a Minecraft world is to kill Spiders. Alternatively, you can also break down Cobwebs for String, but if your world is brand new, you are not likely to find String for a while through this means. String can also be found in Chests located in various structures, brought to you by Cats as a gift in the morning, and traded with Villagers.

When you have your three Sticks and two Strings, go to a Crafting Table and make your Fishing Rod. The crafting recipe requires you to place the Sticks in the top right, center, and bottom left slots. The String will go in the middle right and bottom right slots. Move the Fishing Rod into your inventory, and you are ready to start fishing.

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To go fishing, all you need to do is hold the Fishing Rod in your hand and use it to throw your line out. If you hit another or a mob, you will pull them to you when you retrieve the line. If you throw it into any water source block, you will begin fishing. Wait for the bobber to go down and reel in your catch.