How to make a Floor in Grounded

It will take some time.


Base building is an important part of Grounded if you want to stay safe from the various creatures and bugs that inhabit the yard. One of the parts of your base that will take some work to get access to is being able to build a floor.

You won’t be able to get access to this for quite some time, and it will take a bit of effort on your part. The first thing you need to do is play through the game until you need to explore the explosion at the Oat Tree. This is a little award, so be sure to read our guide on how to do it.

Raw Science

Exploring the Oak Tree will eventually lead you to a lab with a robot called BURG.L. This helpful guy can sell you recipes and plans for Raw Science, a resource you earn by completing challenges in the game. On the ground beside him will be a chip. This is the Grasslands chip. Pick it up and give it to BURG.L, and he will get some new options in his Raw Science store.

The floor option will be under the Multi-Story bases chip unlocks, and that unlock will cost you 1000 Raw Science, so about three or four in-game days of challenges and exploration. As we said, it is quite a bit of work to get it, but this will allow you to make multistory bases with floors and stairs.

Surviving, base building, and gathering resources would appear to be the current end game of the early access version of the game, so you might as well put the work in to build the best base you possibly can.