How to make a Lectern in Minecraft

Make a Librarian Villager and lecture your world’s inhabitants with a Lectern.

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At first look, Lecterns may appear to be nothing more than a decorative item in Minecraft. However, they do have uses of their own, including turning Villagers into Librarians and can hold a book for players to read. While you have a chance to find them in Village Libraries, you may want to craft your own. Here is how to do so.

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How to craft a Lectern in Minecraft

To craft a Lectern, you need to have four Slabs and a Bookshelf. The slabs can be of any wooden type and can be mix and matched in the crafting process. To get the four Slabs, you need to craft a pack of six using three Wooden Planks. To get the Bookshelf, you either can find one in Villages or Strongholds, or you can craft it using six Wooden Planks and three Books.

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When you have your Slabs and Bookshelf, go to a Crafting Table. The crafting recipe requires the Bookshelf to be in the center slot and the Slabs go in the top three squares and one in the middle bottom row. Move the Lectern to your inventory to complete the crafting process.

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What does a Lectern do in Minecraft?

Now that you have a Lectern, you can place it somewhere to be a decorative item and hold a Book for you and others to read. If you would rather use it to make a Librarian Villager, trap off a Villager in a small, enclosed area. If they already have a job, be sure to destroy the job block they use. Now that you have them unemployed, place the Lectern near them and place a Bed so they can sleep and restock their trading items each day. They will put on glasses and a red hat when they become a Librarian, and when you trade with them they will offer up items like Enchanted Books and Bookshelves.