How to make a mushroom garden in Grounded

Do you see any badgers?

Food is a consistent need for players in Grounded. You need to consume food regularly, but finding it can be a bit annoying. Obtaining it requires you to take down bugs or get it with basic acorn bits and mushrooms. Creating a mushroom garden is a great way to ensure you always have food available before you go out on an adventure with your friends.

You can learn the mushroom garden recipe after finding an acorn top. These commonly drop closer to the oak tree, so you want to go to the east the initial spawn and look around the area. It takes a pebblet hammer or better to crack it open and collect the pieces. To craft the mushroom garden, you need four ingredients: eight woven fibers, six weed stems, one acorn top, and one spoiled meat.

The woven fibers are a common item to encounter and craft in the game from the various grass fibers you can find almost anywhere. The weed stems are a bit more tricky. You need to find a dandelion plant, treating it similarly to a grass stem, and cut it down. The weed stems will be on the ground, and you can bring them back to your camp. You can use the acorn top you analyzed for the project, or find more at the base of the oak tree. The final item, the spoiled meat, is something you can have by holding onto any form of insect meat and then letting it sit in your inventory or chest for a full day in-game. It will become spoiled, and you can use it in your garden.

After you have all of the ingredients, place your mushroom garden near your camp and visit it every so often to pluck the mushrooms from you. While not the best item to eat, it’s an available item you can take with you anywhere in Grounded.