How to make a mushroom slurry in Grounded

Large mushrooms have arrived.

When you’re ready to tame one of the smaller insects in Grounded, you’re going to need to make a mushroom slurry. It’s an aphid or weevil’s favorite treat, and they’ll adore you for sharing it with them. But you’re going to need to correct ingredients to acquire this delicious slurry, and the only ingredient you’re going to need will come from Large Mushrooms. Alternatively, mushroom slurries are also used to create mushroom bricks, allowing you to create mushroom-based walls.

These are all of the ingredients you’re going to need to make a mushroom slurry.

  • 1 Mushroom Chunk, 1 Mushroom, or 1 Toadstool Chunk

You only need a single ingredient. You can pick to use any of the above choices and you’ll be able to break them down into the mushroom slurry. You can chop the mushroom chunks off of the giant mushrooms that are on the northeast portion of the oak tree, right next to the pond. You can find them on this location of the map in the garden.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Alternatively, the more common smaller mushrooms or toadstool chunks are also viable crafting options that you can use at the Grinder.

However, the real difficulty comes with creating the Grinder, the crafting station that allows you to create the mushroom slurry. You cannot make it at the smoothie station.

These are all of the ingredients you need to create a Grinder.

  • 2 Crow Feather Pieces
  • 2 Acorn Shells
  • 3 Flower Petals
  • 5 Bombardier Parts

The only simple ingredient you can acquire in this list are the acorn shells. These drop off the acorns that have fallen on the ground, and you can break them open using a level one hammer. Flower petals are also fairly simple too. These drop off the flowers that you can find on the northeastern part of the garden, closer to the rose bushes. You’ll find them on the ground and do not require a tool to pick them up.

The real tricky ingredients will be the crow feather pieces and the bombardier parts. The crow feather pieces drop off the crow feathers that you can break off a crow feather, but finding these feathers can be tricky. You have to look up quite a bit and search for the crow. It normally parks itself near the birdbath on the southeast portion of the map and the picnic table on the west side. You need to visit these locations to see if the crow has been there and dropped any feathers.

The final ingredient is five bombardier parts. These drop off bombardiers, and they sometimes drop between two and three, so you might need to kill roughly the same amount to receive enough parts for the Grinder.

Once you have all four ingredients, you can set your Grinder down anywhere in your base and then feed it mushroom chunks to create as many mushroom slurries as you plan to use.