How to make a Piston and a Sticky Piston in Minecraft

Get things moving with a piston in Minecraft.


Image via Mojang Studios

Pistons in Minecraft are blocks that can push other blocks. If you have a Sticky Piston, it can both push and pull, making for some interesting building potential. They are particularly useful with many big projects that use Redstone. These can be some of the more fun blocks in the game to create and play with. Here is how to make a Piston and Sticky Piston in Minecraft.

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How to craft a Piston or Sticky Piston in Minecraft

To make a Piston in Minecraft, you will need three of any kind of wooden Planks, four Cobblestone, one Iron Ingot, and one Redstone Dust. If you are wanting to make it into a Sticky Piston, you will also need a Slimeball. Outside of the Slimeball, which could take quite a bit of hunting, all of these items should be fairly easy to find. When you have everything, go to a Crafting Table to make it.

The crafting recipe for the Piston requires the Wooden Planks to go in the top three slots. The Iron Ingot goes in the center, with the Redstone Dust going below it. Fill in the rest of the slots with your Cobblestone.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When everything is set right, move the completed Piston to your inventory. If you are trying to make a Sticky Piston, go back into the Crafting Table and place the Slimeball anywhere on the grid as long as it is directly above the Piston.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you have your Pistons made, be sure to play around with them to make fun buildings and contraptions. We recommend considering a secret door in your base that only you know the way inside. If you have the proper amount of Redstone, you can make a lot of interesting devices with these items.