How to make a splint and fix broken bones in Stranded Deep

Here’s how to help the limping survivor.

How to make a splint and fix broken bones in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is one of the most popular survival games out there in which players play as a plane crash survivor who has to survive in the treacherous Pacific Ocean. Players need to craft items, build shelter, and find food as they progress through the game. However, while doing all that, sometimes players might end up hurting themselves in some way or the other.

What happens when you get broken bones?

There are a number of status conditions that players can acquire throughout the game, and one of them is broken bones. The only way you can have broken bones is if you fall from a cliff or from a high location. Once you have broken bones, the character’s left leg will look twisted and it’ll start limping.

When you have this status condition you will lose your health, calorie, and fluid at the rate of 0.05% per second each. It is quite an annoying condition to get since players also lose health when they jump. If you have the broken bones status condition in the game, here is how to fix it.

How to fix broken bones and make a splint

To fix broken bones in Stranded Deep, you need to craft a splint. Here are the items you need to make a splint.

  • 2x Sticks
  • 2x Lashing

Sticks can easily be found lying along the shores. Alternatively, you can use a crude axe to chop down logs and obtain sticks. Logs can be acquired by chopping down Palm trees. As far as lashings are concerned, you can craft them with the help of four fibrous leaves. Fibrous leaves can be obtained by cutting down a Yucca Tree or a Palm Sapling. You can learn more about obtaining fibrous leaves and crafting lashings in our guide here.

Once you have the items, you need to head on to the crafting menu and craft the splint under the consumables section. After you have crafted a splint, it can be instantly used to heal your broken bone. Do note that a splint can be used only once and it has no other use except healing broken bones.