How to make a Time Bomb in Sons of the Forest

One bomb to rule them all.

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Things will start getting difficult after you spend almost a week in Sons of the Forest. The enemies will be stronger than before, and you’ll encounter them more frequently. They will even start visiting your base more often, so you will need to be prepared at all times. For this, you need to learn about how to make a Time Bomb in Sons of the Forest, as it can help you annihilate entire groups of enemies quickly.

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How to craft a Time Bomb in Sons of the Forest

Making a Time Bomb in Sons of the Forest isn’t easy, as you’ll need plenty of materials. You’ll need the following items to craft it:

  • One C4 brick
  • One silver watch
  • One circuit board
  • One duct tape
  • One wire
  • Five coins

These items can be found as regular loot from different spots on the map. Furthermore, you can also try looking for them inside the crates around the crash site where you first spawn in the game. Aside from that, try visiting different abandoned campsites, as they are also filled with loot.

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After you have acquired all of the items, open your inventory and start putting them in the center one by one. When done, click on the gear icon to combine them, and you’ll be presented with a deadly Time Bomb.

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Instead of using it against a single enemy, save the Time Bomb for times when you’re facing a group of cannibals. To use it, simply equip the item from your inventory and throw it toward your targets. After around two seconds, the Time Bomb will explode and damage everyone caught inside the blast radius. It can also damage you, so make sure to get back to a safe distance as soon as you throw it. Furthermore, don’t use it around your base, as the blast can damage structures if you have this option enabled. You wouldn’t want it to destroy the precious home you built now, would you?