How to make Abi survive in The Quarry

The camp art teacher is better with her head attached.

Image via Supermassive Games

As with previous Supermassive Games releases, the ultimate goal is to get everyone out alive. We can show you how to pull that off — hit the link below. If you need to check on individual characters, like Abi, the camp art teacher, we’ve got you covered there too. Read on to learn how to safely guide her through the game and be aware that there are inevitable spoilers ahead.

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How to get Abi survive — before Chapter 6

There are a few things to set in motion before you get to the actual life-or-death moment for Abi. In Chapter 1, ensure you agree to help Emma break into the cabin. Once inside, make a right facing into the cabin to find a stuffed rabbit, which you should put in your bag. When Dylan and Ryan are in Mr. Hackett’s office in Chapter 2, be sure to climb down the ladder under the trap door behind the desk. When Abi’s love interest Nick gets attacked in the woods in Chapter 3, choose to save him.

How to get Abi survive — During Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is the focal point here. Abi, Kaitlyn, Ryan, and Dylan will be in the pool house with an infected Nick. No matter what you say to him around this time, he will fully turn and transform into a werewolf. You’ll have the opportunity to shoot him as he approaches you — do that. The bullet won’t kill him, and he’ll escape out the window. If you don’t shoot him, he’ll lurch forward and decapitate Abi, breaking the hearts of Modern Family fans everywhere.

How to get Abi survive — After Chapter 6

Abi is pretty much fine from this point on. When you’re back in control of her toward the climax, she and Emma can climb out of the storm shelter and stay inside the security room for the rest of the night.