How to make everyone survive in The Quarry

Rough night?

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As with previous Supermassive titles, Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures anthology, the best endings involve getting everyone through the adventure alive. Doing so means making the right choices, some of which can be tricky to parse in the moment. Fortunately, we can guide you through The Quarry to get everyone out alive.

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There are a few caveats with this. First, “getting everyone out alive” only includes the nine counselors. The Hackett family members’ fates have no bearing on unlocking the Rough Night achievement/trophy associated with this challenge. Even so, the guide below ensures that most Hacketts live too. Given the many branching paths in The Quarry, we are listing the key moments that ultimately determine character fates later on.

How to get everyone survive in The Quarry

Outside of these, you don’t need to worry about the choices you make. Given the nature of later chapters, we’re also providing you with a big spoiler warning.


Be honest with the police officer while he talks to Laura. When Max is attacked in the storm shelter, choose to save him.

Chapter 1

When you start with Jacob, check between the van and the front gate to find Emma’s silver bracelet and pick it up. When he tries to sabotage the van, choose to steal the rotor arm. You’ll control Abi after that. Choose to help Emma break into the cabin, then walk inside. Facing in from the doorway, make a right to find a stuffed rabbit on a shelf. Put it in your bag.

Chapter 2

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Choose to take the fireworks out of the safe with Emma. When Dylan is in Mr. Hackett’s office, look behind the desk to find a trap door. Climb down it to loosen a rung for later.

Chapter 3

After Nick gets attacked, choose to save him. When Ryan runs into the woods to get Nick, the path you take doesn’t ultimately matter, but you will see a hunter if you take the shortcut. When the same hunter cuts Jacob down from the snare trap, don’t throw dirt in his face.

Chapter 4

When Emma reaches the tree house, she can either check the bag or open the trap door. The trap door results in instant death, so go for the bag instead. Likewise, make sure to nail your QTEs when running from the werewolf.

Chapter 5

Hiding or running when the hunter is in the lodge makes no difference ultimately. Nor does how you deal with Dylan’s hand — at least not if you follow these instructions. Still, amputating his hand with the chainsaw will save you some headache later.

Chapter 6

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Nick will transform into a werewolf in the pool house. Shoot him, or he’ll decapitate Abi. The bullet can’t kill him anyway. When Emma returns to the fire pit, pick up the fireworks from earlier. You’ll be able to fend off a werewolf attack with them moments later.

Chapter 7

When Laura can freely explore the police station, head up to the second floor. Go through the last door on the balcony and open the nearby locker to find a needle. When you return to your cell, you can hide it in the loose brick by your bunk. This will allow you to peacefully knock out the cop and take his gun later.

Chapter 8

Give kind answers to Ryan to keep him and Laura together. Likewise, be encouraging to Dylan to keep him and Kaitlyn together. When you find Jacob inside his cell, you’ll need to get him out, but make sure you stop Laura from shooting the other werewolf first — that’s actually Nick. Choose to free Jacob, then flip breakers one and two followed by two and three.

Chapter 9

Do not do the QTE when Laura fights Constance for the gun, or she’ll blow the older woman’s head off. Let yourself fail it instead. Leave the knife in Ryan after he’s stabbed; Bobby will eventually take it back. When Laura faces Jedidiah, choose to run away instead of attacking him, or you’ll overpower and kill him. Continue to leave the knife in Ryan and not stab Bobby with it. When Laura shows up, she’ll be able to save Ryan by biting and knowingly infecting him. Accept the bite or you’ll die of blood loss.

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When Dylan and Kaitlyn are at the crane, any choice is fine as long as you don’t screw up the QTEs. She’ll be bitten, and he can die otherwise. Finally, the last branch comes when you return to the Hackett house with Ryan and Laura. She’s attacking Travis in her werewolf form, and Chris Hackett is also in his werewolf form. Shoot Chris — here’s the one nearest you when you start aiming.

Chapter 10

Stay on the island as Max, because there’s a werewolf waiting on the opposite shore. Kaitlyn and Dylan can generally make any choice while running from their own werewolf, but make sure you nail all the QTEs. Similarly, do not go after Abi and Emma’s knock. Keep running instead to enter the kitchen. When you have the option, go for the freezer. Then choose to throw the decoy rabbit (remember that from earlier?) to trap the werewolf inside.

The final choice comes when Laura, Ryan, and Travis confront Silas at his cage. Raise your gun and shoot him; otherwise, he’ll kill all three of you.