How to make ale, beer, and wine in Going Medieval

Drink up.

Image via Foxy Voxel

Your villagers will need something to drink when they’re not too busy taking care of their settlement in Going Medieval. A common beverage that was only available for people to drink in the Medieval area was anything with alcohol in it, so you would commonly drinking ale or wine in the morning with their breakfast. The same thing works in Going Medieval. You want to make sure your alcohol stores are always ready, and ale, beer, and wine are some of the best beverages you can make when you’re starting off with your settlement.

Before you can try brewing any of these beverages, you need to research them by building a research station. Once you’ve done that and placed it underneath a roof, away from the rain, you then need to assign one of your villagers the research task. We recommend picking the one with the most Intellectual stat. They can process the most research the quickest, although someone with a star next to the stat, even if they’re not the best, will be able to level up the quickest when research, which is always a benefit. Eventually, you’ll research enough to purchase the Brewing technology, and you’ll gain access to the brewing station.

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With the brewing station, you’ll be able to create ale, beer, and wine for your villagers. These are the ingredients you’re going to need for each one.

  • Ale: 20 Barley, 5 Fuel
  • Beer: 20 Barley, 5 Herbs, and 5 Fuel
  • Wine: 20 Redcurrant

All of the ingredients, except fuel, can be grown. You can grow barley, herbs, and redcurrant by creating designated areas somewhere close to your settlement and having a villager plant those seeds. To designate those areas, go to the ‘zone’ icon by clicking F7 or selecting it on your screen’s lower-left hand. There will be an option for a stockpile area or a zone where you grow something. Click on that right slot, and select the ingredients you want to grow. Because of how many ingredients you’re going to need for each one, we’re going to recommend creating zones that are 10 by 10 or eight by eight.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll have to go through the cycle of waiting for those plants to grow to full maturity and then harvesting them. Once those ingredients are harvested, go over to your brewing station, select however much ale, beer, or wine orders you want to make, and by increasing the ‘cooking’ priority for a villager’s job, they should take care of it when they can. Make sure you have another villager, or the same one, place the beverages in your designated storage location.