How to Make an Observer In Minecraft

Learn how to assemble your very own grumpy (but helpful) Observer in Minecraft using our guide which features the full crafting recipe.

An Observer sits stoically in a green digital field with a semi cloudy digital sky behind it.

Image via Mojang Studio

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Got something in Minecraft that you want to keep a close eye on? An Observer should do the trick, and luckily, we’ve got a guide to walk you through how to craft one.

An Observer does just what you think it does: Observers. An Observer detects any changes in the state of the block in front of it, and when it does detect a change, it emits a powerful Redstone Pulse, which lasts for two ticks and can be used to power a myriad of things. As with any resource introduced to Minecraft, the community has gotten creative with it. There are dozens of creative uses people have come up with for Observers, including using them to build flying machines.

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This Observer is just anther brick in the wall. An especially gloomy brick, but a brick all the same.
Image via Mojang Studios

In order to make an Observer in Minecraft, you will first need a crafting table. The starting 2×2 inventory crafting space will not have enough room, so if you do not already have a Crafting Table, you had better go make one. The next thing you’ll need to do is gather your supplies. You will need six Cobblestone, two Redstone Dust, and one Nether Quartz

Once you have your supplies together, place them into the crafting slots in this exact order:

  • Three Cobblestone
  • Two Redstone Dust
  • One Nether Quartz
  • Three Cobblestone
The crafting table shows the full contents of the Observer recipe in the correct order (three cobblestone, two redstone dust, one nether quartz, three cobblestone) and a completed observer in the square to the right of it.
Image Via Mojang Studios

If you do not place your ingredients in this order, it will not work. Once you’ve followed the crafting recipe, your brand-new Observer will appear in the empty block to the right of the main crafting table. Once you have it, simply drag it to your inventory.

It is important to have all of the ingredients you will need on hand before you start thinking about putting together your Observer. Cobblestone is a very common ingredient that you are likely to have already. If you do not have Redstone Dust in your inventory, you can find it in caves and mines and gather some while mining for Redstone Blocks. The final ingredient you will need, a Nether Quartz, will be harder to come by.

In order to gather a Nether Quartz you will need to build a Nether Portal and then explore the underworld it transports you to in order to find one. Another important note is that you will need to build a second Nether Portal once you are in the Nether in order to return to the Overworld—so make sure you bring enough supplies with you to do so. The Nether is a dangerous place, crawling with foes and full of environmental dangers. Fortunately, you only need one Nether Quartz.

Whether you want to keep an eye on a particularly volatile block, use the Observer as part of a complicated machine, or have one to use as a piece of amusing décor, the choice is yours. Whatever you want to do with your Observer, you should now know enough to make one to have as your very own.