How to make and activate a Conduit in Minecraft

A must for deep-sea adventures.

Image via Mojang

Venturing into the deep, murky depths of an ocean biome in Minecraft will require you to be prepared for anything. Whether you are searching for sunken ships or underwater temples, there are plenty of dangers to encounter. The Conduit is one of the best items you can craft to help you survive these hardships. Here is how to make one.

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How to craft a Conduit in Minecraft

To make a Conduit, you will need to acquire a Heart of the Sea and eight Nautilus Shells. To get the former, you need to find a buried treasure chest or underwater temple. The latter is dropped by Drowned, who are the waterlogged variant of Zombies. They spawn a lot in ocean biomes but also appear in other biomes with bodies of water.

When you have the items, open a Crafting Table and place the Heart of the Sea in the middle. Surround all of the accompanying slots with the Nautilus Shells. Move the completed Conduit to your inventory when ready.

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Now you have the Conduit, but you’re not quite ready to get the full use out of it yet. You need to acquire a lot of Prismarine blocks from an underwater temple and build a frame structure around the Conduit while activated. Any combination of Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Dark Prismarine, or Sea Lanterns will work. There are multiple rings can build, which will require between 16 and 42 for the three levels.

To start:

  1. Find a spot in the water you want your Conduit to be and make a standing square that is five blocks long on each side.
  2. Place an additional block and your Conduit in the center on the bottom line of blocks.
  3. When the Conduit is placed, destroy the block under it to activate it.

This is the first activation level for the Conduit and will work up to 32 blocks away.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

If you have 14 additional blocks, place them horizontally around the Conduit. This makes the range of the Conduit extend 64 blocks away.

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Place 12 more blocks connecting the other frames’ middle portions for the final level. The range now extends to 96 blocks away.

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When your frame is built, be sure not to place any blocks within the frame near the Conduit itself. All of those blocks must be water to allow the Conduit to continue to function.

What does the Conduit do?

When your Conduit is activated in any of the above frames, it will allow you to breathe underwater and have Night Vision within range of the Conduit. Also, any hostile mobs that come within eight blocks of the Conduit will take damage.

These buffs make the Conduit one of the best items you can activate in your Minecraft world alongside a Beacon. If you have the means of inserting one in some water near your house, we highly recommend it.