How to make and use a smoker in Minecraft

Learn how to cook for yourself in Minecraft.


If you are looking to cook food in Minecraft, you will want to look into making and using a Smoker. These tools are a lot like a furnace but will cook the food twice as fast, which can come in handy. You can find Smokers in any village with a butcher in it, as smokers serve as their job site block. But if you are looking to have one of your own, you will need to craft them.

How to Make a Smoker

  1. The recipe is pretty simple: you will need 4 pieces of any woods or logs and a furnace. You can use a spruce log, jungle log, acacia log, any of them.
  2. Open the Crafting Menu (you’ll see the 3×3 field on the left)
  3. Place the ingredients in the proper spots: one wood/log in the center tile of the top row, a wood/log in the middle-left tile, the furnace in the middle-center tile, and a wood/log in the middle-right tile, and a wood/log in the center tile of the bottom row.
  4. The Smoker should form on the right side of the screen now if you placed the ingredients properly.
  5. Move the Smoker to your inventory.

How to Use a Smoker

Using a Smoker is also an easy process:

  1. Place the Smoker wherever you want it.
  2. Open the Smoker menu.
  3. Place the fuel you want to use in the bottom tile on the left (below the smoke icon).
  4. Place the food you want to cook in the top tile (above the smoke icon).
  5. The smoke icon should change to flames now, which means the food is cooking.
  6. Once the food has finished cooking, it will appear in the tile on the right.
  7. Move the cooked food to your inventory.

That’s it. The food is cooked and ready to be consumed.