How to make DNA potion in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Find out how to craft DNA potion in Roblox Wacky Wizards.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Boxing Glove is the latest item added to Roblox Wacky Wizards. Players that are interested in acquiring the Boxing Glove need to complete a specific quest, which requires brewing the DNA potion. Here is how you can craft the DNA potion in Roblox Wacky Wizards.

How to make DNA potion

To brew the DNA potion, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • In order to get a DNA potion, you need to brew the Shrink Ray potion first. Combine a fairy and a chameleon in your cauldron to do so.
  • Once the Shrink Ray potion is brewed, jump on top of the cauldron and consume the potion.
  • As a result of the Shrink Ray potion, your size will be drastically reduced. Enter the cauldron as a small character.
  • The cauldron will automatically collect the ‘You’ ingredient, which is required for brewing DNA potion.
  • Check the potion book, and if you see your username appearing on it as an ingredient, you have successfully brewed the DNA potion.
  • You can now collect the DNA potion from the cauldron.

DNA potion is one of the requirements for claiming the Boxing Glove in Roblox Wacky Wizards. Once you have brewed the potion, hand it over to The Collector inside the secret cavern. This will unlock the bridge that leads up to The Guardian, who will eventually hand you the Boxing Glove.