How to make Dylan die in The Quarry

Silence the DJ.

Image via Supermassive Games

Most players will go into The Quarry to get everyone out alive. Alternatively, you can kill off all nine camp counselors. Dylan, the wise-cracking voice behind the morning announcements, is on the menu. You can’t kill him off until very late in the game, but he can die just like anyone else. Read on to learn how, and heed our spoiler warning since this guide does involve the game’s last two chapters.

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How to make Dylan die in Chapter 9

There are two ways to kill off Dylan; the first one comes in the game’s penultimate chapter. Proceed through the scrapyard until you reach the crane. Dylan will climb up to operate it. While working the controls, he’ll see the motion-sensor lights turn on — there’s a werewolf coming after him and Kaitlyn. There are a few different ways the ensuing quick time even sequence can go, but you want to honk the crane horn when given a chance. This will draw the werewolf to you. At that point, you want to fail the next quick time event purposefully. The werewolf will tear through the crane window and right into Dylan. Kaitlyn will then flee to the lodge alone.

How to make Dylan die in Chapter 10

If she and Dylan return to the lodge together, there’s still an opportunity to kill Dylan off — along with Kaitlyn. There are several ways to go about running from the werewolf inside the lodge. Proceed through until you’re asked to investigate the knocking noise or hide. Choose the latter to dip into the kitchen and take cover behind an island. Shortly after that, you’ll be prompted to run for it or try to slip into the freezer. Choose to run, and the werewolf will swiftly kill Dylan and Kaitlyn in one fell swoop.