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How to make Emma survive in The Quarry

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If you’re playing The Quarry, you’re most likely doing so intending to keep everyone alive. There are specific actions to take and choices to make that will ensure the safety of everyone, including the camp drama teacher Emma. Read on to learn how to do it, and be aware of spoilers.

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How to make Emma survive

There are several choices early in the game that determine Emma’s fate — we don’t want her to die or get infected in this run. The first branching path comes in Chapter 2, when she opens the safe to find shotgun shells and fireworks. She’ll take the shells by default, but you should choose to take the fireworks too.

From there, you can relax on Emma’s timeline until Chapter 4, when she’s alone on the island. It doesn’t matter whether you take the high or low path since both will ultimately lead you to the tree house. This is the most important moment. Do not open the trap door when given the choice; search the bag instead. Opening the trap door gets the werewolf dropped onto Emma, and she will be torn apart. Going for the bag first arms her with bear spray and a taser to fight it off.

After this, Emma is mostly safe, but she’s not fully off the hook yet. When she returns to the fire pit in Chapter 6, it’s the first time you’ll be able to freely explore the area. Be sure to pick up the fireworks beside the fire — you’ll need them in a moment. Now proceed up the path toward the lodge. When you spot the hunters, you have a choice to run or hide. Either is fine, but if you choose to run, you’ll have to fight off an attacking werewolf. Luckily, you have fireworks to scare it off. From that point on, Emma is safe.

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