How to make Fiddlehead Pie in Tower of Fantasy

At least it’s healthy.

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When it comes to Tower of Fantasy, you have a huge variety of food items, all of which helps with various things in the game. Fiddlehead Pie is one of the mid-game food items that help you recover a great amount of health. It’s easy to get its ingredients since they are found nearby each other, making it an easy dish to cook. This Tower of Fantasy guide will teach you how to make Fiddlehead Pie and where to get its ingredients.

Fiddlehead Pie recipe

Fiddlehead Pie is a healthy snack, but it’s not something kids would like. Either way, it’s a great food item that helps you recover 16% and 34,000 health and ten satiety points. To make it, you only need its recipe and two ingredients, which you can easily find in the game. Here are all the ingredients you need to cook Fiddlehead Pie.

How to get the Fiddlehead Pie recipe

You can easily get the Fiddlehead Pie recipe if you don’t have it in the game. Find a cooking bot, and interact with it. In the menu, select creation and put all the required ingredients for Fiddlehead Pie until you get an 80 to 100% success rate. After that, press cook, and you will get the Fiddlehead Pie recipe.

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Where to get the Fiddlehead Pie ingredients

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To make Fiddlehead Pie, you need two ingredients, and both of them can be tricky to get. Firstly, we need the fiddlehead, which you can only get in the Banges region. It’s mostly found near the factory area, especially banges tech. Lastly, we need brown rice; the only place to get them is in Navia. Go to Raincaller Island, and you will find tons of brown rice underneath Cetus Island and in the nearby areas.