How to make a fire and cook meat in Windbound

Cooking up a storm.

How to make a fire and cook meat in Windbound

Windbound wouldn’t be a true survivalist game if it didn’t enable you to make a fire. Fires are an essential part of its gameplay mechanics as it allows you to craft other items and cook food such as meat. To make a fire in Windbound, you need to collect certain materials. These items are:

  • One thick grass
  • Two rocks
  • One stick

They are easy to gather, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding them no matter what island you’re on. Once you have them, open up the crafting menu and cycle through to the “Survival” tab. Scroll across to the fire tile and tap the craft button.

You can build fires wherever you want as long as they’re not near water. Once you’ve chosen where to put your fire, hit the craft button again to build it. To cook meat, you must obtain some from the animals that roam Windbound. You can get meat from the following fauna:

  • Razorback
  • Gorehorn
  • Plainstalker
  • Silkmaw
  • Skillenfang
  • Bumbler
How to make a fire and cook meat in Windbound

Different animals give you small or large cuts of meat. You can eat meat raw, but doing so will only replenish your stamina meter, and it will poison you for six seconds in the process. Cooking meat, however, will refill your health and stamina bars. Small meat improves your stamina and gives you a small amount of health, but large meat refills your stamina bar completely and refills a large portion of your health.

To cook meat on your fire, you need to interact with the fire itself. Tap the interact button next to your flame, and you will bring up a new crafting menu. From here, cycle to either meat tile and tap the craft button to cook it.

Cooking meat takes a while, so go off and explore while it’s being prepared. Once you return, check your fire and remove the cooked meat if it’s finished. You will know if it does if a new tile, Delicately Roasted Meat or Generously Roasted Meat, shows up in the first line of tiles.

You can only cook one meat at a time unless you make a Drying Rack. You need two sticks and three thick grass to make a Drying Rack, and this can be crafted from the cooking crafting menu. Once this has been made, you can add up to three pieces of meat to cook at any one time. If your fire goes out at any point, you can relight it by using two thick grass.