How to increase your health and stamina in Windbound

Boost your vital stats with our help.

How to increase your health and stamina in Windbound

Windbound’s survivalist slant means that you must keep tabs on your health and stamina meters. They are vital as they keep you alive and allow you to run across Windbound’s various islands.

As you progress through Windbound’s increasingly difficult chapters, you can increase your health and stamina bars. More health allows you to tackle tougher enemies and stay alive for longer if you begin to starve while boosting your stamina means you can run for longer.

There is only one way to increase your health and stamina meters. To boost them, you will need to find health and stamina shrines. Windbound is a procedurally generated title, so there are no exact locations where you can locate these shrines.

What you will want to look out for, though, are giant, dark gray stones that have red and yellow gems at their centers. These correspond to your health and stamina bars, respectively, and interacting with them will add an extra bar to each meter depending on what crystal you find.

How to increase your health and stamina in Windbound

Shrines can be found on islands that are off the beaten path. It’s unlikely that you will find them on the same piece of land as Sea Shard towers, which you need to activate, so exploring other islands is key to obtaining health and stamina boosts.

Make sure that you sail around each chapter to find small islands or ones that may be out of the way. Stop at every island that you see, and head ashore to locate them. If you find one, simply interact with it to receive an extra health or stamina bar.

Once you hit 10 bars on each meter, you can’t upgrade your health or stamina anymore. Any shrines you find after this will only refill your meters, and won’t provide further upgrades.