How to make Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest

Time to cook some fish.

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Sons of the Forest will have you going from one place to another in search of food. It is essential to keep some cooked food in your inventory always, as the last thing you want in the game is having nothing to eat. This situation is where Traps come in, as they can help you quickly capture various animals. This guide will discuss how to make a Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest.

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Where to find the Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest

When you first start the game, you’ll notice that there are a bunch of crates lying around the crash site. You need to open all of them and acquire the emergency pack. This pack has a Guide Book inside it, which contains plenty of crafting recipes. Once you’ve managed to the get the book, open your inventory and select it. Then, access the second mode by holding down the ‘X’ key.

Sons of the Forest Fish Trap crafting recipe — where to find and ingredients

The book will now be in your left hand, and you can click on the ‘Traps’ options to view all of the traps you can build. Here, you will also see the option for ‘Fish Trap.’ To craft it, you will need a total of 25 sticks. Yes, this may sound like a lot, but you don’t have any other choice.

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Thankfully, sticks are relatively easy to find compared to some of the other items in Sons of the Forest, such as 3D Printers. Sticks can be found scattered across the forest. But if you can’t find many of them on the ground, you can use the Axe from your inventory to chop down small trees. These will provide you with enough sticks to build the Fish Trap.

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After you acquire enough sticks, find a body of water or go to a river. Once there, open the Guide Book by pressing the ‘B’ key and access the Traps section again. Then, click on the Fish Trap, and a white outline structure will appear in front of you. When that happens, keep pressing the ‘E’ key until your character is done with making the Fish Trap.