How to make Fried Chicken in Tower of Fantasy

“Finger Licking Good.”

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Tower of Fantasy has many recipes, and most of them are very useful. Fried Chicken is one of those great recipes, and it’s easy to make. You can use Fried Chicken to quickly recover a decent amount of your health and get some satiety points. This guide will tell you how to make Fried Chicken and where to gather its ingredients in Tower of Fantasy.

Fried Chicken recipe

Fried Chicken is an uncommon food that is extremely useful in tight situations. It will help you immediately recover 12% and 3,300 health and seven satiety points, making it one of the best mid-game foods. The best part is that you can easily make tons of it. To make Fried Chicken, you only need two simple ingredients and its recipe. Here are the Fried Chicken ingredients.

How to get the Fried Chicken recipe

If you don’t have the recipe to make Fried Chicken, here is how you can easily get it. First, interact with any cooking bot; select creation from the options below. In the creation, put a decent amount of both ingredients until you get an 80 to 100% success rate. After that, cook, and you will get the Fried Chicken recipe.

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How to gather Fried Chicken ingredients

Getting the ingredients for the recipe is not that hard. First, you will need poultry meat, which you can only get by hunting birds and looting their drops. The best way to hunt the birds is by using a bow; whenever you spot a bird, click attack, and your character will automatically one-shot the bird(s). You can find birds in almost all parts of the map, so getting poultry meat should be easy. Lastly, you will need homi grain which is a common ingredient. You will easily find a lot of homi grains in open grassy areas of Astra and Banges; they are like wheat and are overgrown from the ground, so you can easily spot them.