How to make Lettuce Salad in Tower of Fantasy

Make sure to add salad to your diet.

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Tower of Fantasy has many food items, some for beginners, while others for more veteran players. Lettuce Salad is one of the foods that beginners can benefit from since it offers great health and satiety recovery. Additionally, making it is easy but getting the ingredients and its recipe can be tricky. Here is how to make Lettuce Salad and where to get its ingredients in Tower of Fantasy.

Lettuce Salad recipe

Lettuce Salad is one of the best, if not the best common recipe in Tower of Fantasy. Consuming it will immediately restore 10% and 1,500 health along with five satiety points. All of that make Lettuce Salad a great dish since it’s an easy and early-game meal. You only need the recipe and two simple ingredients to make Lettuce Salad. Here are all the ingredients you will need to make Lettuce Salad.

How to get the Lettuce Salad recipe

If you don’t have the recipe, you can easily create it with any cooking bot. To make the Lettuce Salad recipe, interact with any cooking bot, and go to the creation tab. Put salad dressing and lettuce in the tab until you get an 80 to 100% rate. Once you get it, hit cook, and you will get the Lettuce Salad recipe.

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How to gather Lettuce Salad ingredients

Finding the ingredients for Lettuce Salad is easy if you know the right places to look. First, we need lettuce, which you can only get in the Astra region. If you are looking for lettuce in any other region, you will not find it. But in Astra, you can easily get tons of lettuce in the grassy area. Walk in the green area, and keep a keen eye to spot the lettuce; when you see it, grab it. Lastly, you must head to the Astra or Banger food vendor to get the salad dressing.