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Where to get Homi Grains in Tower of Fantasy

A simple starch.

There are many different types of items that you will discover as you trek across the world of Tower of Fantasy. Everything from upgrade materials to augment items to fruits and vegetables can be found in this vast, open world. Among the items you can find is Homi Grains. This delectable ingredient is one you will find fairly often at the start of the game but is necessary for many types of meals. Make sure to always gather it when you see it.

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Where to find Homi Grains

Homi Grains are actually a pretty common ingredient item that you will find across the world, especially in the first two areas of the game. If you look at the item in your inventory, the game will tell you that you can find Homi Grains in the grasslands of Astra and Banges.

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Like with most of the other items, the game doesn’t tell you the whole story. You can easily find Homi Grains in large, grassy fields around both Astra and Banges. This item looks like wheat that you would find in real life. Outside of the grasslands, you can get Homi Grains from Supply Pods and locked chests.

How to use Homi Grains

As with Mushrooms, you don’t want to eat Homi Grains raw. They offer very little benefit without cooking them. Consuming this plant raw will result in your Satiety meter increasing by one point. Instead of eating this plant the way it is, visit a cooking robot and see what types of meals you can craft with it. You can also use the creation menu and add it to the pot to create some pretty astounding dishes that restore a lot of health.

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