How to make graphite in Builderment

Get yourself a brilliant base resource.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Builderment is an automated factory building game in which you need to collect raw resources and bring them together to create ever more complex items, many of which will be used in further production. One of the most useful resources you’ll come across is graphite, but you need to make it first. This guide covers how you can make graphite in Builderment and begin to craft entirely new resources.

Step 1: Get wood

The first core resource you’ll need for making graphite is wood. We recommend picking up a new source and bringing it to your production line, even if you’ve already got a few set up. It will bode well for the future if you have multiple sources of the same base elements. Next, direct your wood to a forge.

Step 2: Get coal

Coal is a dark resource that you’ll see scattered around the map. This is the second resource you’ll need to create graphite, so set up a couple of lines and pull it towards your production. As with the wood, direct the coal to a forge so you can make graphite.

Step 3: Manufacture graphite

With both wood and coal heading to a forge, the output should be graphite, and you can then begin to send this on to become carbon fiber, steel, and even batteries. Graphite is an essential resource for any of these, so it’s worth getting some production for it up and running as soon as possible.