How to Make Grass Grow in Minecraft

Minecraft grass growing is more interesting than watching paint dry, at least! Here are tips on how to effectively harvest and grow grass in Minecraft.

Grow Grass Quickly in Minecraft

Image via Mojang

You’d think grass would be the easiest thing to get in Minecraft, considering the fact that it’s pretty much the first thing you see in any given world. But, believe it or not, breaking dirt right below you doesn’t lend you grass; it just gets you dirt.

Watching grass grow may not be the most interesting thing in the world, but it’s an essential resource in Minecraft. While you don’t necessarily have to watch it grow from start to finish, there are plenty of ways to ensure your grass gets grown, whether it be for crafting or just the aesthetic of your base.

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How to Grow Grass Faster in Minecraft

Green Grass Growth in Minecraft
Screenshot by Gamepur

When it comes to grass in Minecraft, there are three variants of it. First is the block that you only think is grass. It’s a Dirt block, and it’ll say so if you punch it enough to put it in your inventory. This grass is only something you’ll be concerned with if you want your yard to look green instead of the brown dirt that comes with placing a new block down. As for the other types of grass, there is grass that grows one block high. You can harvest this grass to find resources.

There are a few ways to grow grass faster in Minecraft, such as:

Using Bone Meal

If you want to jumpstart grass growth in Minecraft, the first option, and also the quickest, is to get some Bone Meal ready. You can gather up Bone Meal by defeating a few skeletons, which you will soon see if you’ve been in the world for very long. They appear at night, so try to gather up a weapon before the sun sets so that you can slay some skeletons for the Bone Meal. Once you craft Bone Meal from a Skeleton’s bones, put it on your hand and right-click the place where you want grass to grow. It’ll take more than one Bone Meal, so try to stockpile as much as you can before you try.

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Transfer To Higher Areas

But what if you don’t have any Bone Meal or don’t want to gather any? Grass can grow with or without you, and there is a strategy that you can use to make grass grow faster for your needs in Minecraft. If you’re having trouble getting grass to grow on a dirt block, try moving the block to a higher elevation. Grass often thrives in areas with higher elevations due to the increased sunlight they receive.