How to make Jacob survive in The Quarry

The fool is the first to go if you’re not careful.

Image via Supermassive Games

Keeping everyone alive in The Quarry can be a challenge — there are nine counselors to worry about, after all. If you want to keep the goofball Jacob safe in particular, we’ve got you covered. Generally speaking, you want to make sure you succeed in all your quick time events, but there are specific steps to keeping Jacob alive. Be aware of spoilers as we walk you through the steps.

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How to save Jacob

There are a few threatening moments for Jacob, but the first comes in Chapter 3, after he’s freed from the snare trap by the hunter. Once on the ground, you’ll have the option to throw dirt in the hunter’s face and make an escape. Don’t do this. Stay calm, and Jacob will get werewolf blood poured on his face. This covers his scent for later.

The next important event happens just moments later. When Ryan has the gun at the fire pit, he’ll hear a rustling in the bushes. This is actually Jacob approaching — do not shoot. Dying to a werewolf is one thing, but being killed by your fellow counselor is an even bigger bummer.

Ryan is also involved in the next phase of keeping Jacob alive. During Chapter 8, Ryan and Laura will find Jacob locked inside a cage in the cellar of the Hackett house. You’ll have the option to free him, and you should. Doing so requires you to flip the correct switches to open the cage doors. Note the numbers written above the cells: there’s a three over Jacob and a five over the main door. You need to flip switches to hit these numbers using the sums of the switches, so choose one and two, followed by two and three.

At this point, Jacob is home free. The next time you see him, he’ll be alone in the woods. It’s a bittersweet ending since he’s still a heartbroken dude, but at least he’s alive.