How to make Laura survive in The Quarry

From the prologue to the credits.

Image via Supermassive Games

Laura weaves in and out of The Quarry’s story, from the moment the game starts to when the credits roll. As such, there are some particular steps you need to follow to keep her alive through the whole night. Instructions for pulling that off are as follows, but note that there are some big late-game spoilers in this guide.

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Keeping Laura alive before Chapter 9

Laura isn’t in any mortal danger before Chapter 9, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a large effect on other characters’ fates — see our guide for keeping Nick alive for one big example. You shouldn’t be reckless in that respect. Pay special attention during Chapter 7, when Laura and Max are escaping from jail. Nail the quick time events while taking Travis’ gun, or he’ll wind up getting shot. That will come back to haunt you later.

Keeping Laura alive during Chapter 9

Chapter 9 is when things really go down. During the final moments, you’ll be in control of Ryan as werewolf Laura attacks Travis and werewolf Chris attacks Bobby. The best course of action here is to shoot Chris — Laura’s curse will lift when he dies. It’s possible to turn to the right and shoot Laura, but that’s definitely not what we want to do here. This is also where the jail escape comes into play. If Travis got shot, then he’ll stab Laura to death even if she returns to human form. Do everything correctly, and Laura, Ryan, and Travis will all work together during the climax.

Keeping Laura alive during Chapter 10

The game’s final moments are where you need to watch out again. The trio will approach Silas in his cage. Raise your gun and shoot him, putting an end to this whole nightmare. If you don’t, he’ll kill all three of you there in the woods.