How to make leather in Windbound

Craft some leather items with our aid.

How to make leather in Windbound

Making leather is a necessity in Windbound if you want to craft some items. Getting hold of leather, though, isn’t easy. You need to acquire it from killing the right animals, and then make it yourself as it doesn’t come pre-prepared.

The first thing you need to know is what animals drop it when you beat them in battle. Plainstalkers are your best bet for obtaining skin and, while Gloomharrows also drop skin, theirs can’t be crafted into leather.

Once you have obtained an animal hide, you have to cook it to make leather. You can do this by drying it out on a fire. We’ve already covered how to make a fire in Windbound here, so head there if you’re unsure how to craft one.

Now that your fire is up and running, you will have to build a Drying Rack. You need two sticks and three grass rope to craft one. The Drying Rack sits on top of your fire once it’s built, and you can cook up to three items on it.

How to make leather in Windbound

To add skin to a Drying Rack, interact with your fire to bring up its crafting menu. The leather tile is the first one your cursor selects when you open the menu, so tap the craft button to add it to a Drying Rack slot. It will take time to make the leather, so explore the island you’re on in the meantime. When you return, the leather should be ready.

You will need leather to make the items listed below. Given that some of these items are important to gather other resources and improve your boat, it’s imperative to make some. All items require one piece of leather unless otherwise stated.

  • Armored bag
  • Axe
  • Bone tipped spear
  • Cat’s Luck helm
  • Glider
  • Heavy duty bag (two leather)
  • Leather sling (one leather)
  • Plainstalker bow (one leather)
  • Wooden mast (two leather)