How to make Max die in The Quarry

Reduce Max to the min.

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Getting Max through The Quarry alive takes a particular set of steps, and the same goes for leading him to his death. If you’re actively trying to kill him off, there are some important steps you need to be aware of. Read on for all the important info, and be aware of spoilers for the game’s start and end.

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How to kill Max before Chapter 9

You might think you can kill Max during the prologue, but your choices there don’t actually determine his fate one way or the other. When the werewolf attacks him in the storm shelter, Laura has the option to save him or run for it. Regardless of your choice, Travis will show up and save the two of them, although it doesn’t seem like it in the moment. You have to wait until much later for Max’s death.

How to kill Max during Chapter 9

Step one happens during the chaotic werewolf scene, the climax of Chapter 9. Ryan will be wielding the shotgun at this time, and you have a choice of who to shoot. To actively kill Max later, you need to shoot Chris Hackett now — he’s the one nearest you. Doing this lifts Max’s werewolf curse, which is necessary for killing him later. If you don’t shoot Chris here, Max will stay infected. It’s a bad fate, sure, but it doesn’t count if you’re going for an all-death run.

How to kill Max during Chapter 10

Chapter 10 is the first time you play as Max, and it’s your only chance to off him. When you assume control, he’ll be in human form (assuming you shot Chris earlier). After he wakes up on the island, head for the dock. There, you’ll get a choice: stay on the island or swim to shore. Choose to swim. When you reach the mainland, you’ll be surprise-attacked by a werewolf. That’s the end of Max.