How to make money in Dual Universe

Let’s make lots of money.

In the MMORPG game entitled Dual Universe, players can explore the depths of the universe in this space simulation game. But to get ahead in Dual Universe, you’re going to need to make money or Quanta. But how do you make cash in Dual Universe? Let’s go over what you have to do, plus some helpful tips that can guide you along the way.

How to make money in Dual Universe

The short answer on how to make money is to find resources, specifically ores, via mining and/or gathering, and then sell those items on the market in Dual Universe. However, to make money relatively quickly, here are some tips that could be of help to you (via YouTuber Wozzmatic):

  • Skill train Sodium Ore Refining, Calcium Ore Refining, Chromium Ore Refining, and Copper Ore Refining as high as you possibly can
  • Get Fuel Refinery and Space Fuel Refinery skills as high as possible as well
  • Get large containers for the fuel input and output
  • Have at least one refiner and maintain at least 300 L on the Production Mode screen (or have it running non-stop)
  • Spend time gathering resources early on in the game, particularly at Sanctuary Moon, with the surface tool, as this method can be quicker to turn a profit as opposed to mining for Tier 2 or Tier 3 ores in parts of the map
  • Sort the Marketplace by Market and then look for the best possible deals (this will weed out the poor deals)

It may take a bit of time to rack up the dough in Dual Universe, but even putting a little time in a day can pay off in big dividends if done correctly.