How to make Moon in Little Alchemy 2

It’s not made of cheese.

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With the correct elements put together, you can create the Moon in Little Alchemy 2. It takes a bit of work to reach this point, and if you’re looking to fill out the rest of your catalog with all the important details, making the Moon is an important one to hit. There are multiple routes you can take to add it to your collection. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to make the Moon in Little Alchemy 2.

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How to create the Moon

You will begin the game with your four standard elements. Starting at this point, let’s break down the quickest route to creating the Moon.

  • Combine two Air elements together to make Pressure
  • Add the Earth and Pressure together to make Stone
  • Add two Earth elements to create Land
  • Combine two Lands to make a Continent
  • Combine two Continents together to make a Planet
  • Add the Air element and Planet together to make the Atmosphere
  • Combine the Water element and Atmosphere together to create a Cloud
  • Combine the Air and Cloud elements together to make the Sky
  • Combine the Sky and Stone elements together to make the Moon

You will unlock a handful of useful elements along the way, but this is one of the simpler routes to reaching the Moon in Little Alchemy 2. These are all the alternative methods you can follow to create the Moon, which will fill out Enclypedia.

  • Cheese and Night
  • Earth and Night
  • Night and Planet
  • Sky and Cheese
  • Sky and Planet
  • Sky and Time
  • Stone and Night
  • Stone and Planet

After you add the Moon to your collection, you can begin the process of working your way to unlocking other items, such as Astronaut, Chang’e, the Moon Rover, Moth, Owls, Space, and much more.