How to make net launcher ammo in Raft

Everyone’s looking for the Goo.

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Players will be living off the land, or the lack thereof, in the survival title Raft. Visiting various locations as they float about the sea players will slowly amass different resources that can be researched, and then applied to craft new items for progression in the game. One of the largest progression-based steps players can make in Raft is capturing animals to live on the raft with them, which they’ll need a net launcher and ammo for — here’s how to make the net launcher ammo.

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How to unlock Net Canisters for Raft

The Net Launcher ammo should unlock once the Net Launcher is crafted. Creating the ammunition, called Net Canisters, is a bit of an arduous tasking as you’ll need to combat a difficult aquatic enemy called the Poison-Puffer. These enemy fish are different than rare fish, and can be found in the water around islands. They are easier to find in larger story-based lands such as Caravan Island. Poison-Puffers have a guaranteed drop of at least one Explosive Goo, with a 1/3 chance of dropping a second. Place the Goo into a Smelter on your raft, and the material will process into Explosive Powder.

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The other two materials necessary are far easier to find, with Stone being an abundant resource in the title, and Rope being crafted from two Palm Leaf. Unless your raft is particularly large, crafting more than five Net Canisters isn’t necessary — the animals take up a lot of room, what with their need of grass to graze upon, and the materials they generate are only beneficial for a short period of game time. It should be noted, however, that the Net Launcher can be difficult to wield properly. Accurately firing the Net Canister will take experience and patience, as livestock tend to run from the player and the projectile drops far quicker than any other weapon in Raft.