How to make Trash Cubes in Raft

Another man’s trash is your treasure. Literally.

Redbeet Interactive's Raft

Image via Redbeet Interactive

Redbeet Interactive’s Raft is an adventure survival-crafting game set in a world full of water. You hunt for food and salvage items you can use to build your raft — your floating home in the middle of the sea. Aside from collecting items, you can also buy stuff such as building materials, cosmetics, and recipes using in-game “currency” called Trash Cubes. Here’s how to make Trash Cubes in the game.

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How to craft Trash Cubes in Raft

To make Trash Cubes in Raft, you need a Recycler. Once you arrive at the raft, open the crafting menu and look for the Recycler under Other. Once you have the Recycler ready, you can start making your own Trash Cubes for use in the game. You need at least 150 units of materials in order to make one Trash Cube. The Recycler can only handle a maximum of 600 units at a time.

How to make a Recycler in Raft

Redbeet Interactive's Raft
Image via Redbeet Interactive

Go to the Radio Tower and get the Blueprint for the Recycler, then return to the raft once you have it in your possession. You’ll need these items to make the Recycler:

  • Four Plastics
  • Four Metal Ingots
  • Bolt
  • Hinge
  • Circuit Board

To use the Recycler, select the material you want to use and press the action button on it. The amount you need to use depends on the material you choose. Some materials fill the Recycler quickly, while others do not. Furthermore, some materials cannot be used to create Trash Cubes.

What materials can you use to make Trash Cubes

Redbeet Interactive's Raft
Image via Redbeet Interactive

Here’s a list of the materials you can use to make Trash Cubes. This is arranged in ascending order, based on their corresponding weights or values:

  • Three Stones
  • Five Plastics
  • Five Palm Leaves
  • Five Feathers
  • Eight Planks
  • 10 Ropes
  • 10 Nails
  • 10 Seaweeds
  • 13 Vine Goos
  • 15 Scraps
  • 15 Clays
  • 15 Sands
  • 19 Glasses
  • 25 Leathers
  • 30 Dirts
  • 30 Giant Clams
  • 30 Metal Ores
  • 30 Coppers
  • 38 Bolts
  • 38 Hinges
  • 38 Metal Ingots
  • 38 Copper Ingots
  • 60 Wet Bricks
  • 60 Dry Bricks
  • 75 Titanium Ores
  • 75 Wools
  • 94 Titanium Ingots

The Recycler takes about three minutes to produce Trash Cubes. If you plan to buy a lot from the Trading Post, you better make sure you have a lot of materials and time. If you want more tips about the survival game, read this article on cheats and codes that can be used in it.