How to make Newbucks fast in Slime Rancher 2

Make fast money by wisely investing in the Plort Market.

Image by Monomi Park

From building new utilities on your ranch to upgrading the capabilities of your Vacpack, much of the progress you make throughout Slime Rancher 2 is closely tied to your ability to earn Newbucks. The game’s primary currency, Newbucks can be earned through plenty of different ranch-based and exploration-based avenues. However, the following method will earn the highest and fastest rate of Newbucks possible, allowing you to progress through the game quicker.

How to earn fast Newbucks in Slimer Rancher 2

Image by Monami Park

The fastest method of making Newbucks in its prequel, the Plort Market makes its return in Slime Rancher 2, where it is equally as effective at profiteering as it was previously. The Plort Market is an all-in-one marketplace in which you can sell the plorts that you harvest from your ranched slimes, giving you a direct method of drawing a profit from your labor.

Central to what makes the Plort Market so profitable is the fluctuation in its prices and market volumes for each available plort. As the number of plorts available of a certain type decreases in the open market, the price per plort of that type will rise. This lack of supply creates an opportunity for you, as a prosperous slime rancher, to sell those plorts when they reach their highest value.

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To draw the most value out of a single type of plort, spend multiple days harvesting those plorts, stockpiling them without trying to sell them. Over this time, not only will you increase the amount of stock you have available to sell, but the volume of that plort on the market will gradually fall. Once its price peaks, you can offload every plort you own in a single sale, with each selling for that maximum price.

Keep in mind that selling a lot of a single type of plort will flood the market for it, greatly reducing its price when the date rolls over at midnight. Larger amounts of plorts sold in this fashion will negatively affect their price for several days. This method will guarantee that you’re always selling them for as many Newbucks as possible when you do.

To keep making Newbucks while one plort’s prices are down, we recommend that you diversify into other types and rotate your harvests. For example, while the Dervish plort market is flooded after a massive sale, you could spend the next few days selling Tangle or Mosaic Plorts while you wait for the Dervish market to stabilize. As a result, the best possible earnings to be made from the Plort Market will only come once you’ve upgraded your ranch to tend to many different slime types.