When do Plort Market prices change in Slime Rancher 2? Answered

Be careful not to crash the Plort Market, because its prices may vary.

Image by Monomi Park

The Plort Market is your one-stop destination for selling the Plorts you collect from your slimes. Imitating the real-life stock market, the price at which each Plort can be sold will fluctuate based on assumed demand with each passing day. To get the most value out of your hard-earned Plorts, it’s best to know when these sale prices are expected to change.

When do Plort prices change?

Image via Monomi Park

Rather than gradually adjust their prices throughout the day, the Plorts sold on the Plort Market will only see their collective values change once per day. This market-wide price adjustment happens with the start of every in-game day, with values shifting the second that the date rolls over. As a result, you can expect this price change to happen every day at midnight.

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The fluctuation in price for Plorts on the Plort Market is mostly randomized, with every individual
is capable of rising or falling by 30% of its original price per day. While these prices are designed to randomize on their own, the price of a particular type of Plort will fall in proportion to how much of that Plort type you sell in the days prior.

The Plort Market will display the current market volume of each type of Plort, where lower supply will drive prices higher and vice versa. Because of this, you can expect Plort types with low volumes to sell for much higher. Playing the Plort Market by supplying Plorts with low market volume is one of the most efficient ways to earn Newbucks in Slime Rancher 2.