How to make Physique Jewels in Monster Hunter Rise

Endure any monster encounter.

Image via Capcom

Jewels are an important part of your setup in Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll need these added to augment your stats, giving you the best chance to take on some of the tougher monsters you can hunt in the game. Also, for those looking to give themselves more stamina during a hunt, increasing your hunter’s Constitution is a good way to ensure your hunter can perform multiple hits or run away if they need to retreat. Here’s what you need to know about how to make Physique Jewels in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Making Physique Jewels

The Physique Jewels directly increase your hunter’s Constitution stat, which reduces your hunter’s stamina depletion whenever they attempt to evade an attack, block one, or perform other actions while trying to take down a monster. The Physique Jewel is a level 2 Jewel, meaning it takes up a level two or three slots on your equipment.

These are all the ingredients you need to complete a Physique Jewel recipe.

  • Two Aquaglow Jewel
  • One Fucium Ore
  • Three Volvi Carapace
  • 500 Zenny

The Aquaglow Jewel and Fucium Ore will be the easiest items to obtain of the three primary ingredients. You can loot an Aquaglow Jewel by completing most level four to seven Hub Quests in Monster Hunter Rise, but there’s a chance it won’t drop, meaning you may need to complete multiple quests before you find one in your inventory. The Fucium Ore is a resource you can find by defeating Chameleos or by looting it in the environment whenever participating in high rank hunts.

The final component, the Volvi Carapace, is an item you can obtain by defeating Volvidon. Similar to the previous items, the Volvi Carapace is an item that drops off of the high rank monster, and you will need to defeat Volvidon in high rank missions for a chance to loot this item.

After you have all three ingredients and 500 Zenny, you can craft the Physique Jewel and add it to your equipment.