The best Switch Axe builds in Monster Hunter Rise

Transform and roll out.

Image via Capcom

Some things are better together. Peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate and strawberries. Swords and axes. That is the philosophy behind the Switch Axe in Monster Hunter Rise, which is really two weapons in one. The Switch Axe can change modes between the heavy but slow Axe and the faster but less powerful Sword, making it perfect for players who can’t choose just one weapon to wield.

If you’re looking for a diverse weapon that can adapt to different situations, the Switch Axe is a good one to choose. Here are a couple of our favorite builds you can make with this weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. Similar to the Insect Glaive, this is a weapon that takes some time to master, but it is satisfying when it all comes together.

The best Switch Axe builds in Monster Hunter Rise

Quick Change Build

The key feature of the Switch Axe in Monster Hunter Rise is its ability to change modes between Sword and Axe on the fly, so this build leans into that ability as much as possible. With skills that up Morph speed as well as Evade to help you stay alive while you change modes, this is a slightly complex but highly effective build.

  • Weapon – Rampage Slicer – This weapon has the highest Attack score of the Switch Axes, so it is going to be a solid choice for this build.
  • Armor – Almudron Helm, Vaik Mail, Valstrax Braces, Anjanath Coil, Hunter’s Greaves – This mix and match set of armor won’t give you a set bonus, but it has skills like Attack Boost and Rapid Morph, which will make you hit harder and allow you to change your fighting mode quickly.
  • Talisman – Evade Extender – You’re vulnerable when you’re changing between modes, so this will keep you safe as you avoid enemy attacks.
  • Decorations – Three Attack Jewel 2, Three Razor Jewel 2, Three Drain Jewel 1, One Tenderizer Jewel 2, One Quickswitch Jewel 2
  • Skills – Attack Boost Level 7, Weakness Exploit Level 3, Razor Sharp Level 3, Stamina Thief Level 3, Rapid Morph Level 3, Evade Extender Level 2, Stun Resistance Level 1, Dragonheart Level 1

Wyvern Focused Build

If you’re looking to hunt some wyverns, then this is one of the best builds in the game. It lacks a bit of the raw power of the other builds here, but its focus is on taking down a specific monster type so it can get away with it.

  • Weapon – Reddnaught Dunat – This weapon’s 180 Attack score is solid, but its high elemental damage against Dragons is where it shines as a Switch Axe build. Equip the Wyvern Exploit Rampage Skill to really lean into this build’s focus.
  • Armor – Almudron Helm, Vaik Mail, Valstrax Braces, Anjanath Coil, Golden Hakama – This set of armor focuses on boosting attack and critical damage while the Dragonheart skill boosts damage output as the fight goes on.
  • Talisman – Evade Extender – This skill will keep you safe while you’re changing out your weapon modes.
  • Decorations – Five Attack Jewels 2, One Tenderizer Jewel 2, One Quickswitch Jewel 2, One Critical Jewel 2, One Brace Jewel 1, Five Dragon Jewel 1
  • Skills – Attack Boost Level 7, Weakness Exploit Level 3, Critical Boost Level 3, Dragon Attack Level 5, Rapid Morph Level 3, Flinch Free Level 1, Dragonheart Level 1, Evade Extender Level 2, Latent Power Level 1.

Rampage Build

This build focuses heavily on attack speed and dealing damage quickly, with some skills to boost Critical chance and damage. If you want an all-around damage-dealing build for the Switch Axe, this is the best one out there.

  • Weapon – Rex Gnasher – This has a high Attack score of 220, with the ability to exhaust enemies over time. It starts with a -20% Affinity rating, but that can be negated with some of the later skills and equipment.
  • Armor – Almudron Helm, Almudron Mail, Kaiser Vambraces, Nagacuga Coil, Golden Hakama – The Critical Eye skill that these pieces of armor offer will counter the aforementioned Affinity problem with the build while improving Morph Speed and Critical Hit damage.
  • Talisman – Weakness Exploit – This will allow you to hit the weak points of monsters harder, draining their stamina and making it easier to inflict critical hits.
  • Decorations – Two Expert Jewel 2, One Tenderizer Jewel 2, One Quickswitch Jewel 2, Three Drain Jewel 1
  • Skills – Critical Eye Level 4, Critical Boost Level 3, Weakness Exploit Level 3, Stamina Thief Level 3, Rapid Morph Level 3, Razor Sharp Level 2, Evade Extender Level 2, Latent Power Level 1, Power Prolonger Level 1, Teostra Blessing Level 1