How to make Thousand Layer Cookie in Destiny 2 – Dawning 2020 – How to get to Riven (Wish 7)

Everyone deserves to celebrate the holidays.

The Thousand Layer Cookie recipe in Destiny 2’s Dawning 2020 list will be a difficult one for Guardians to finish. While creating the recipe is no issue, the critical problem is finding the way to deliver it to the correct recipient, Riven.

Let’s focus on making the recipe first.

How to make a Thousand Layer Cookie

To make the Thousand Layer Cookie, you will need two ingredients.

  • Taken Butter
  • Delicious Explosion

To acquire the Delicious Explosion ingredient, you need to use a grenade, a rocket launcher, or a grenade launcher. You can also jump into a Gambit match to hit multiple targets with a rocket or grenade launcher, but Drifter doesn’t hand out power ammo like its candy. You’re better off visiting one of the many public events all over Destiny 2 to wait for a large horde of enemies to arrive and then wiping them away with your favorite weapon.

For Taken Butter, you need to take down Taken enemies, which spawn in several locations all over the galaxy. We recommend going through the Lake of Shadows Strike, or The Sludge lost sector. Both of these have several Taken spawns that you can cut through.

Because you’re going for both, we recommend taking your favorite ordinance weapon and running through the Lake of Shadows Strike or The Sludger lost sector to acquire both ingredients simultaneously.

How to give Thousand Layer Cookie to Riven using Wish 7

You can only find Riven in The Last Wish raid on Dreaming City. But because you likely don’t want to run the raid to deliver some cookies, you can get around this little problem. To do this, start up the raid as you normally would be traveling to The Dreaming City on your director, and then clicking the raid on the upper left. The introduction will play, and you’ll go through that. Proceed to the first room and wait for the dialogue to happen. After it’s done, look to your left and follow the opening.

The open will lead to a place where you to do plenty of jumping through walls full of purple crystals until eventually, you reach a high location and then come face-to-face with the first battle in the raid. Rather than going through there, turn to the left, and go to the room with a large pool of water. On the other side is a glowing patch of moss, and you’ll want to go here and follow that path to the other end.

Then, the tough part. When you arrive at the end of the path there will be a grid of circles, four by five, and you’ll need to shoot them to activate and change them. The pattern you want to create is the Seventh Wish to make it to Riven. We’ve pictured the pattern below.

Recreate it, and then step on the platform. You’ll be teleported to a new location, and then you want to go to the plate on the right side of the room where you spawn, then you’ll be transported to Riven. When you arrive, you’ll see a blue hologram of a snowflake, and when you approach it, you’ll be able to deliver your cookies to Riven. Feel free to return to orbit and continue the rest of the Dawning 2020 event.