How to Make Vanilla Blades in Destiny 2’s Dawning 2019

The Dawning continues in Destiny 2, and people are still making their special treats for Eva Levante and delivering them to various NPCs throughout the game. One such gift you need to make is Vanilla Blades.

To make Vanilla Blades, you will need:

  • 1 Cabal Oil
  • 1 Sharp Flavor
  • 15 Essence of Dawning

You can get Cabal Oil by killing Cabal enemies, so make your way to the EDZ. You can find a lot of Cabal enemies in Trostland, near the church. You can also make your way to Firebase Hades, which will have regular patrols of Cabal enemies. Just keep killing them until you get some Cabal Oil, as it is a random drop.

Personal Touch requires sword kills to obtain. Lost Sectors anywhere in the game are a great way to get sword kills rapidly, but my favorite is right beside Braytech on Mars. You can also quickly farm this doing an Escalation Protocol event on Mars, which throws plenty of low-level Hive at you when it starts. You can easily use a sword to mow them down. Once again, Personal Touch is not a guaranteed drop, so make sure you keep punching away at the bag guys until you get it.

You can get the Essence of Dawning by completing almost any activity in the game. These include bounties for Eva, patrols, escalation protocols, public events, heroic adventures, Gambit or Crucible matches, Nightfalls, or Forge Completiions.

When it is finished, take it to Lord Shaxx in the Tower.