How to master a trick in DogLife – One Trick Pony Achievement

Master of none.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players who can learn to master a trick in DogLife will earn the One Trick Pony achievement. This doesn’t limit you to a life spent doing this single trick, thankfully, and completionists will want to wrap it up if they are hoping to complete all the achievements that are in DogLife.

To do this, you obviously need a dog, so start up a new game in the DogLife app. Play and age up until you are about 6 months old, and then open the Activities tab on the bottom right. Here, you will find a list of tricks that you can practice.

  • Beg
  • Bow
  • Fist Bump
  • Give a Kiss
  • Give Hugs
  • High Five
  • Play Dead
  • Roll Over
  • Shake Hands
  • Sing
  • Speak
  • Speak
  • Spin Around
  • Twerk
  • Wave

Pick one, then click on it practice it. You will see a small progress bar that shows you how good you are at the skill. You will just need to keep on practicing it until the progress bar fills up and you can master the skill.

You can spam practicing the trick to make as much progress as possible, but you will need to age up a couple of times before you can master it, as eventually, your progress will stall. As soon as the bar is full, the trick is mastered, and you will be able to use it to get out of trouble if you do something wrong and a human gets mad at you.