How to Meditate in Spiritfarer

Nice and calm.


Meditating in Spiritfarer is an important mechanic that is tied to a particular NPC. Summer is a character that you run into as you play through the game’s story and is one of the characters that you need to help find peace before she can move on through the Everdoor. You will meet Summer quite early in the game, so it won’t take long to unlock meditation.

After you find Summer by playing through the story, she will teach you how to meditate if you can find a suitable place for her to do so. It is easy to find, as it will be marked on the map when she gives you the quest. The difference between her mastery of the act and you being new to the process is that you can only meditate when you are near specific trees. You can do this by hitting the X button on Xbox, the Y button on the Nintendo Switch, and the Square button on PlayStation 4.

You will also need to build a meditation room for Summer, which can be done by using your blueprint table and finding the correct resources. You will need to do this to help Summer pass on, so make it a priority after you meet the character.

Meditating isn’t a massively important mechanic in the game, acting like a time-skip. When you are meditating time will pass quickly, so if there is something you can only do at a specific time of day it can be quite useful. It can also help to speed along some of the game’s quests that require a certain amount of time to pass between stages.