How to mute and report players in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Let the ban hammer fall.

Image via Riot Games

Multiplayer games are some of the most popular games in the world, but no one can completely avoid playing with unpleasant players. Teamfight Tactics (TFT), even though it’s a relatively low-key auto-chess game, is no different. Whether the bad-mouthers spam chat or harass other players, they can turn a fun game into something wildly uncomfortable. You can surrender, but that’s not a feasible option for every single game, especially if you love playing ranked matches. So, if you need to block that player or ask Riot Games to punish their behavior, here’s the guide for you.


In TFT, the mute button isn’t readily visible. You have to drag your mouse to the right side of the screen where all the player icons are. While there, hover over the righthand corner of the offending player’s icon and a microphone icon should appear above it (you guessed it, in the top right). You can use that to mute all their pings, emotes, and chat messages. If you did it by accident (something that’s easier to do than you think), you can go back to the same spot to unmute them. However, even if you mute them, you can’t delete their little legend avatar, so they can still peer at your board and dance around you. Hopefully, they aren’t that annoying, though.


At the end of any League of Legends game, the client will open a window to show you the stats from your game. When it comes to TFT, it shows you what everyone built, along with their final placements, names, and icons. If you hover over a player’s name on this screen, you will see two different icons appear. The important one for troublemakers is the exclamation point, which you can click on to report your fellow player for harassment, inappropriate language, or any other abuse.

But what if I forgot?

If you forget to do it while the stats window is open, you can always report players later by going to the League of Legends support page. It lets you send a report on anyone that you’ve recently played with. However, you can only report players from your last 20 games, so don’t wait forever. Because of this rule, you also can’t help your friends report unpleasant players. So, report bombing, no matter how toxic a player might be.