How to mute players in Deep Rock Galactic

Don’t put up with their noise.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Deep Rock Galactic is an enjoyable multiplayer mining game that throws you and a group of up to three other miners into a cave somewhere in space so that you can carve out the precious minerals within. While it’s nice to feel the presence of other miners, particularly when swarms of bugs begin to attack, their incessant noise can quickly become annoying — the players, not the bugs. This noise is exacerbated on PlayStation 5, where their voices blast out of the DualSense controller. This guide explains how to mute other players in the game, so you don’t need to listen to them breathing or gasping at your mining prowess.

Check the menu when the mission starts

Screenshot by Gamepur

To mute other players in your team, open the in-game menu as soon as you land. Then, navigate to the status screen, hover the cursor over each player in turn, and tap the option to mute them. This will prevent you from hearing audio from them, regardless of whether they’re actively communicating or just breathing loudly. This is how you stop the DualSense controller from blaring out everything those players say because the settings in the controller menu don’t apply to in-game communication.

If you want to stop all the other noise coming from the DualSense controller, change the settings in the controller section of the options menu. Of course, playing each mission in solo mode avoids other players altogether, but it’s not as much fun.