How to obtain a Moobloom in Minecraft Earth (or mod Mooblooms into Minecraft)

These cows are like a ray of sunshine.

Minecraft Earth Moobloom

After the Glow Squid won the vote for the spin-off mob to be introduced to the main version of Minecraft, many fans were sad to see the Moobloom get ignored. That said, the Moobloom is alive and well in its spin-off, Minecraft Earth.

The mob is a variant on the main game mob Mooshroom, which is a red or light brown cow that can be sheered for mushrooms and only found in mushroom biomes. A Moobloom, on the other hand, is a yellow variant of cows that can be sheered for buttercups.

Obtaining a Moobloom

There are two ways to obtain a Moobloom in Minecraft Earth. The easiest way to ensure getting a Moobloom is by buying the build plate that includes them. Build plates cost rubies, which can be obtained in-game through tappables, or purchased through the App Store or Google Play Store. Mooblooms are found naturally in the Roadside Inn build plate, so if you purchase it, they will automatically be yours.

The harder way to obtain them is through a cow tappable. Mooblooms are a rare drop, though they are slightly easier to acquire now than they used to be. At launch, there was only a 0.2% chance of obtaining a Moobloom from a tappable, but now there is a 0.5% chance. There is a possibility that this number will continue to rise.

Modding Mooblooms into Minecraft

Moobloom Mod
Image via Curseforge

If you love the Moobloom, but prefer Minecraft to Minecraft Earth, there is also a mod that adds them into the base game in nine different colors. There’s the traditional buttercup, and red, cyan, purple, white, blue, black, orange, and green variants, all based on different flowers from the game.