How to obtain one of each Thornbridge Manor keys in Dartmoor in Hitman 3

Call Agent 47 Rick Moranis because he is the key master.

Hitman 3

Image via IO Interactive

The Dartmoor level in Hitman 3 takes place on the property of the Carlisles. They have about as many hidden secrets in the walls of their manor as they do wealth, so when you take part in a murder investigation, you need to have access to as many rooms as possible. There is always a way around, but many of the places you need access to are locked. Why risk being caught breaking into a room when we can unlock the door and walk-in? Here is how to obtain one of each Thornbridge Manor keys for the discovery challenge of the same name in Dartmoor for Hitman 3.

The first manor key we are going for is in the pockets of the butler, Mr. Fernsby. In the Foyer, go behind the staircase on the left to find a vacuum. Turn it on, and it will attract Fernsby over (not the nearby guards). Knock him out, stash him in the chest for safekeeping, and pick up the key to his office.

With the office key in your inventory, make your way through the staff room or go to the east of the Foyer to find the locked door of Fernsby’s workspace. Unlock the door, and the mansion master key is sitting on a bookshelf to the left of the fireplace.

We can now stop terrorizing Fernsby and turn our attention to a few of Alexa Carlisle’s grown-up children. The first is Rebecca. Wait for her to make her way into the Trophy Room. If you have a server outfit, you can run up to her water bottle and drop some emetic poison in it to make her go to the bathroom, where you can knock her out.

If you do not have poison, knock out the maid in the hallway and stash her in the nearby cupboard. Now let Rebecca go to the fireplace in the Trophy Room. Knock her out when the bodyguard is looking away and drop her in the chest to the left of the door. Go back to where she fell and pick up the key to her room.

The last two keys we need are both in the Sitting Room being held by Emma and Gregory. Emma will be our first victim. Wait for her to walk to the window in the back and stare out of it to subdue her. With Rebecca and the maid already disposed of, no one will come by and see her body lying here unless we upset the guards, so leave her there. If you have gone through the investigation, you will know Emma is Zachary’s killer, so you will find an emetic poison and a key to the Greenhouse where equipment to convert that poison to be lethal is.

Gregory’s key is the final one we need, and unlike the others, we could not find a way to get it without upsetting the guards. Unlike the others, Gregory spends his entire time sitting on the couch in front of the guards reading a paper unless you have the family take a picture together. For this reason, we took cover behind a chair and threw an item at his head to knock him out. The positioning of the cover hides us from the guards who will rush and explore the area.

When you see a chance, run out into the hallway where you knocked out the maid earlier and wait for the guards to finish their search and wake up both Gregory and Emma. Those two will run off to hide, and eventually, the guards will end their search. Go to where Gregory was sitting before, and you will find the key to his and Emma’s room, finishing the Thornbridge Manor Keys discovery challenge and rewarding yourself with 2,000 Dartmoor mastery experience points.