How to open the secret door in Demon’s Souls

Solve the mystery of the secret door.

Image via Sony

Demon’s Souls players have been captivated by a locked door discovered in the PlayStation 5 remake. Not only was this door not in the original game, but it’s also hidden behind an invisible wall. The search for the key to this door became so popular that even Bluepoint Games, developers of the remake, sent out a tweet teasing players that couldn’t find their way in. Thanks to streamer Distortion2, we know how to get into the door, and this guide will walk you through how to do just that. 

How to open it

  1. First, you will need to enable Fractured Mode. This fractured mode is new to the remake that flips the game’s overworld horizontally. You can enable this by offering 25,000 souls to the main statue in The Nexus. 
  2. Now in Fractured Mode, you will need to farm Ceramic Coins. There are two in each world, One for pure Black World Tendency and one for pure White World Tendency. You will need to farm 30 of these coins.
  3. Take the coins to Sparkly the Crow in Shrine of Storms. Drop all 30 of the coins onto the ground and log out. 
  4. Log back in and pick up the Rusted Key.
  5. Take the Rusted Key to the secret locked door. To get to the locked door, head to the alleyway near the 1-3 Archstone, and you will see a dead-end alleyway. Attack the seemingly dead-end, and the illusionary wall will disappear. 
  6. Walk into the hallway and use the Rusted Key on the door.

Your reward

Image via Distortion2 Youtube.

Now you can pick up your very own Penetrator Armor. Other than it’s awesome look, the Penetrator Armor doesn’t have any unique effects. Having the Penetrator Boss’s armor missing in Demon’s Souls is something players have been complaining about since the game was released in 2009, and it’s nice that Bluepoint Games could satisfy these long time fans.